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My Sewing Room Store is a place where crafting and sewing come together and the results are all beautifully handmade creations that range from “protective statement accessories” (face covers), bow ties, clothing, crafts and home decor to my Tinkles™ Baby Gifts!  It’s a creative laboratory for designs that are unique and stylish using the tools in my sewing box.  Some items may be limited runs and some items may be one-of-a-kind. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now recommending wearing a cloth face mask that covers the nose and mouth when out in public to slow the spread of the virus.  These face covers are non N95, cloth barriers not of a quality for medical use and no claim made for protection against Covid-19 or other infectious diseases.  No Refund/No Exchange due to matters of health and hygiene.  

Protect you.  Protect me.  Protect us.

My Sewing Room Store 

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"Thank you for thinking of us, and helping to keep us safe as we continue to show up everyday to provide quality treats."
The Cupcake Queen Waxhaw
"Thank you for the mask to help protect me and the additional ones to help keep my coworkers safe."
Cecy Robson, Nurse
"Protecting myself in style! "
Verve Beauty